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 Beni's Butter Pound - A rich, moist Haitian butter cake with a unique complexity of traditional aromatic flavors, guava filling and vanilla frosting.  Alternate fruit fillings (pineapple; strawberry) are also available.  

Gateau Cremas -Delicious yellow cake soaked in traditional homemade Haitian cremas; a spirit concoction of creamy coconut milk, condensed milks, spices and essence. This dessert version CANNOT be used for custom fondant designed cakes. An equally delicious version of Gateau Cremas has been formulated  specifically for custom designs in fondant.

The Charming Chocolate- Decadent chocolate cake, chocolate mousse filling, crushed malted chocolate, a sliver of blackberry preserve filling and chocolate buttercream.

Dulce Rouge- Red velvet cake, filled with cookies and cream frosting, crushed Oreos, and dulce de leche drizzle.

Cozy Carrot- Spiced carrot cake with notes of orange flavor, filled and frosted with cream cheese buttercream.

Dexy's Dulce Carrot- Original carrot cake recipe, filled with dulce de leche frosting and drizzle.

Strawberry Charms-  Authentic strawberry cake, homemade strawberry filling, coconut frosting and toasted coconut. 

"Pucker UP" Lemon- This HIGHLY intense lemon cake is made with almost every part of the lemon!!!  Sweet with an occasional pucker.

Rum - A pound style cake drenched with a flavorful, potent rum syrup, fermented to bring out full rum butter flavor.  When using in custom cakes, only a slight infusion will be applied in order to maintain a sturdy structure.

Romie's Rum Raisin- Rum drenched pound cake with chopped rum-infused raisins.  When using in custom cakes, only a slight infusion will be applied in order to maintain a sturdy structure.  CAKE CONTAINS ALMOND NUTS.  CAKE CAN BE MADE WITHOUT NUTS, ONLY UPON REQUEST.

Caribbean Black Cake- A non-traditional spiced filled fruit cake made with liquor-soaked, puréed fruit, fermented in rich flavorful quality rum. It's texture is similar to that of a rich fudge brownie. Decadent, delicious and divine.

Beni's Banana Pudding- A vanilla wafer cake with "baked-in" banana and wafer; vanilla pudding filling and whipped cream frosting.

Neapolitan- Reminiscent of the traditional ice cream flavors; classic vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. Filled and frosted with vanilla buttercream.

Pineapple Upside-Down- Baked into each vanilla cake layer is caramel syrup, crushed pineapples and maraschino cherries. Filled with a rich whipped mascarpone cream frosting.

"S'mores Roars"- This dessert is layered with a graham cracker cake, decadent chocolate cake, chocolate fudge brownie, filled with a marshmallow frosting and chocolate ganache.

Raffi's Delight - An almond flavored cake with milk cream filling, coconut wafer layer, shredded coconut and meringue style frosting. CAKE CONTAINS COCONUTS AND ALMOND NUTS.

Sweet Potato Casserole- Sweet potato (yams) cake with marshmallow filling, orange caramel drizzle, maple pecan crumble and orange caramel buttercream. CAKE CONTAINS PECAN NUTS.

Spumoni- Cherry almond and pistachio marble swirled cakes with a chocolate buttercream filling.

Chocolat Haïtien- Translating into "Haitian hot chocolate," this chocolate cake is made with raw cocoa and other elements of flavor to mimic this delicious island beverage. Filled and frosted with a lightly spiced chocolate buttercream.

Chocolate Salted Caramel Pretzel -Decadent chocolate cake with salted caramel frosting, crushed chocolate dipped pretzels and homemade salted caramel drizzle wedged within each layer.

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Red Velvet    

Cookies and Cream                                                                   




Dulce de Leche

Strawberry Rose

Sweet Corn

Gateaux Café- Authentic COFFEE flavored cake with a mocha buttercream

Banana Split Sundae- Banana cake, strawberry filling, chocolate ganache, creamy vanilla frosting, sprinkles and maraschino cherries 

Cuatro Leches- sponge cake soaked in a concoction of heavy cream; sweetened and unsweetened condensed milks; and coconut milk

Piña Colada- Pineapple coconut cake, pineapple reduction filling, rum buttercream and sweetened flaked coconut

Banana Daiquiri- Banana cake with lime, cherry and tequila flavors, followed by a whipped cream style frosting

White Chocolate Lovers Cake- Decadent white chocolate cake, milk chocolate mousse filling, white chocolate "pockets" of infusion and white chocolate buttercream

Kiddies Konfetti- Vanilla cake with baked-in confetti sprinkles and our  kiddies vanilla frosting

Hummingbird- Banana/pineapple spiced cake with roasted chopped pecans and cream cheese frosting        

Apple Cobbler- Cinnamon sugar cake, apple cobbler crunch filling and whipped cream style frosting.  

Marble Mania- A swirled marble medley of vanilla confetti cake and chocolate-chocolate chip cake (Classic Marble available, upon request)


Signature Kiddies Vanilla Frosting 
Vanilla Buttercream
Lemon Buttercream
Chocolate Buttercream
Rose Buttercream
Rum Buttercream
Strawberry Buttercream
Strawberry Rose Buttercream
Coconut Frosting
Chocolate Hazelnut Frosting
Cremas Buttercream
Guava Frosting
Marshmallow Creme Frosting (no gelatin)
Cookies and Cream Frosting
Salted Caramel Frosting
Dulce de Leche Frosting
Cream Cheese Frosting
Goat Cheese Frosting
Whipped Cream Frosting
White Chocolate Frosting

Chocolate Mousse
White Chocolate Mousse
Lemon Curd
'Dulce Rouge' Filling 
Strawberry Rose Jam
Coco Colada
Piña Colada
Banana Rum
Banana Butterscotch
Peach Cobbler
Confiture Peche (Seasonal)
Milk Cream
Apple Cobbler
Vanilla Custard
Chocolate Custard
White Chocolate Custard 
Coconut Custard 
Dulce de Leche 

*** 'Frostings' listed above may also be used as cake fillings
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